Used Generator, a problem if you don’t know how to do!

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used catChoosing a Used Generator is really a problem when it does not have solid technical and commercial bases.

In this article, we analyze how the adv on the web are distinguished and how we can properly filter out what can be real opportunities from scattering around the corner.

First of all, it is useful to determine the value of the generator you are looking for. To do this there are two systems: the first, the most common one is to get the price of the brand new generator and based on this to determine the value of the used one.

The second method is to use our free service to calculate the value of a used generator online:

It is a unique service in the world. You do not need to sign up, and you can get the price of a used generator by choosing between hundreds of versions. The value is quite indicative, but it is useful to have an order of ideas about the potential purchase price of the generator.

Once you find the value of the generator you are looking for, you can proceed with the selection. As with any item in any category, buying a generic set can be addressed to individuals and professionals, with obvious differences in price and handling.

The first step in your search for generators you can do right here on by clicking on generators used and your trip to the search for the generator used can begin.

Many companies producing generators also deal with the withdrawal and sale of the used, so you will not find in this article the list of companies that deal with this.

By evaluating some of the ads posted by Private Users, the most common traps emerge.

The generator used with a few hours of operation.

Hours of operation, also called in other ways, working hours, hours worked, working hours, and whoever puts it more, are the element that most characterizes the wear state of a current generator used. That being said, it seems impossible to determine the amount of hours of a generator like the one in the photo, as most generators with power less than 8kVA do not have the hour counter. (most, not all).

generatore usato 3kw


The announcement below is about a generator that does not even have the iron and copper that compose it, yet someone is not ashamed to try to sell it for 2500 euros, and maybe someone else will have no trouble buying it.

What problems can I find by buying a generator that appears under these conditions?

We summarize all the problems in a single concept: the generator is a machine and as such it has to comply with some regulatory technical requirements.

genset usato

Appearances sometimes deceive …

The following ad is referring to a 20kW generator that has an interesting price, but it is necessary to consider that there are structural changes. From the picture you can see clearly how the socket panel is not original, while the boxing is nothing but a sheet.

The wheels installed at the foot of the chassis, the hinges at the doors and the lifting hooks are probably added at a later time. In the light of the facts the generator would not be sellable and affordable.

generatore modificato

What questions do you make to the subject / company that sells the generator used?

The most important information to collect is:

  • Generator Year of Production
  • Availability of the compliance document
  • Hours of operation
  • Which was the main job and the reason why the generator was put up for sale.

There are other important questions, but these are the ones that you may often forget to do because you tend to go and discuss the price right away.

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