Tesla battery systems on the island of Nantucket wll replace backup Diesel Generators

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Tesla Powerpack

National Grid,has announced the installation of 200 of Tesla’s unique ‘Powerpack’ battery systems to the island in order to reduce reliance on backup diesel generators and improve capacity.

National Grid plans to install a 48 megawatt-hour battery storage system on Nantucket that would work in concert with a diesel generator should the existing electrical supply system to the island ever fail.

Nantucket, a small island approximately 30 miles off the Massachusetts, is connected to the US mainland grid through two submarine cables, which often perils power black-outs.

The island has been experiencing significant growth and there is a growing demand for electricity, a trend National Grid anticipates continuing, said Terron Hill, the utility company’s director of network strategy.

At the moment, 6MW of backup diesel generators secure the supply of electricity to the 10,000 permanent residents and to an increasing number of visitors.

National Grid had a few options, Hill said. The company could have just made larger backup diesel generators, he said, but instead, workers decided on a hybrid method, building a new diesel generator and adding the battery storage system.

The system is based on a lithium ion battery, the same type that is used in cellphones, except this battery would be the equivalent to thousands of cellphones, Hill said. If one of the submarine cables that provides energy to the island goes down, the battery, which would have stored energy, will kick on first and work with the diesel generator to continue supplying power until the cable can be fixed, he said.

Rudy Wynter, President and COO of National Grid’s FERC-regulated Businesses said: “The battery energy storage system provides a very efficient and effective solution to two major energy challenges facing the island. Our customers, communities, and policymakers look to us to deliver innovative solutions like this to help advance our clean energy future”.

The 200-Powerpacks order is one of Tesla’s biggest energy storage projects to date.

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