Generator Circuit Breaker. Generators must have it.

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It is present (or rather should) Circuit Breaker on all generating sets, even the smallest ones. It is designed to protect the alternator from overload and short circuit, it also protects the engine.

MCCB and ACB are the most common type.

The CB must be installed as close as possible to the alternator. It is not unusual to encounter scenarios where the CB of the generator is at a distance that does not consider the protection and safety requirements, which is the main switch of the G.E. In these cases, it is advisable to report to the technical manager.

generator circuit breaker

Is it possible to use the generator circuit breaker to protect a more line connected to it?

Yes, it is possible but not recommended. It is possible because if the circuit breaker has the characteristics suitable for the purpose, the installer can intervene on the calibration (if adjustable). It is not advisable to modify a parameter designed by the manufacturer, and this is to be avoided. In any case, the calibration can be changed in a restrictive way!

Can upstream of the generator circuit breaker be connected with privileged loads, such as fire or emergency lighting?

An explicit request for connections upstream of the switch may occur. In fact, they are unprotected users, so technically it is not permissible.

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